Sun rooms

Sun rooms - modern and aesthetically pleasing solution

Sun rooms are structures without thermal insulation.Their main use is to enclose a terrace to protect it from adverse weather conditions. This way we can significantly extend the period of comfortable use of the terrace well into the spring and autumn months.

Sun rooms require a prepared foundation but do not require thermal insulation. Sun rooms are offered as all-glass or framed structures, depending on the type of doors used.

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All-glass sun room

An all-glass sun room is a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution.All-glass sliding systems allow you to open up the patio almost completely. Thanks to the all-glass construction, we still have full contact with our surroundings even when all the doors are closed.

The all-glass sun room also provides protection from wind, rain and snow and, thanks to the use of external covers, also from the sun

Framed sun room

The second type of sun room is the framed structure. This is a structure that is more resistant to rain and wind than an all-glass sun room. Solar control glass can also be used.
It's also possible to use double glazing, so you can enjoy your sun room for longer periods of the year.

A great advantage of this particular solution is the possibility of using any window and door systems, which we will discuss in a moment.

Doors / windows

Doors and windows for Sun rooms

All-glass doors installed in a summer garden offer the virtually complete opening of the walls, which brings you into full contact with nature. The RU balcony door, in turn, is the simplest model available in the offer, offering a simple and convenient way to open and tilt the leaf inwards.

Accessories for Sun rooms

It is advisable to upgrade your summer garden with extra fittings. These include, but are not limited to, roof roller blinds, a façade blind, or LED lighting. The roof roller blinds feature high resistance to wind as well as rain, making it effective sun protection. Façade blinds, on the other hand, provide a shield against excessive sunlight to the side elements; they are extremely easy to use thanks to their electric, rotating slats.