Zdjęcie główne działu

Modern and aesthetically

Pergolas are structures without thermal insulation. They provide shelter from rain and sun. This type of structure does not require much preparation on the ground. All that is required is a point foundation under the supports.

The pergolas have a slatted opening roof that can be operated manually by a traditional crank or by a concealed electric motor. The modern and aesthetically pleasing design also incorporates practical solutions such as concealed drainage within the support column.

A pergola can be a free-standing structure or attached to a building. As with our other products, additional accessories can be chosen for the pergola. For example, LED lighting or screens. We will tell you more about the accessories available in a moment.


Doors / windows

Doors for pergolas

The SLIDE sliding door can be integrated into all types of structures, including pergolas. Its popularity lies in its functionality, as well as its extremely simple handling, among other reasons. If you are looking to achieve the widest clearance, then folding doors for the pergola would make a good choice.

Accessories for pergolas

Pergolas are structures that deserve to be enhanced with additional accessories such as a vertical awning, façade blinds, or LED lighting. They ensure that the structure does not get overheated, as well as provide a unique visual effect, thanks, among other things, to the lighting mentioned above, which will create a distinctive atmosphere.