ISO Cube®

ISO CUBE® - Modern modular structure

The ISO Cube® is our innovative and unique solution - a modular structure that combines the benefits of a conservatory, such as thermal insulation and a glass roof, with a modern design. The ISO Cube® is a completely self-contained structure, so it can be freely positioned as a freestanding structure or attached to a building.

Importantly, the ISO Cube® does not require a foundation, only a stable base. Each module is fully customisable in terms of dimensions and equipment. The maximum size of a module is 6x3x3m.

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ISO Cube® modules are delivered to the customer as a fully assembled structure. This is the only product we can supply with a pre-fabricated insulated floor, air conditioning or decorative louvre wall.

How to use the ISO Cube®? Just like a conservatory - as a dining room, living room, office, gym, summer house or even a restaurant. As with a conservatory, we have the option of a full range of doors, windows, awnings and other accessories. If you would like a quote for an ISO Cube®, please use our configurator.

Doors / windows

Doors and windows for the ISO Cube®

The ISO Cube® can be combined with the SLIDE and PSK sliding doors, as well as folding doors and balcony doors, to name but a few. The choice of individual door models for the ISO CUBE® would be mainly driven by your specific needs – the balcony model is the simplest one available, enabling easy ventilation of the structure. The folding version, in contrast, will incorporate the maximum amount of light inside.

Accessories for the ISO Cube®

If you wish to maximise your comfort in the ISO Cube®, why not upgrade it with additional accessories such as a skylight, roof roller blinds, or solar control glass, among others. The solar control glass, owing to special reflective coatings, deflects much of the sun’s heat outwards, whereas the façade blinds enable the slats to be rotated or completely retracted whenever necessary.