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All-season conservatories

Conservatories are thermally insulated structures designed for year-round use. They require a proper foundation as well as insulation and heating. Air conditioning will definitely improve comfort in the warmer months.

We offer conservatories in 3 versions depending on the expected thermal insulation and comfort of use: Standard, Standard+, Premium.


A conservatory with basic thermal insulation and double glazing. Standard is the basic version of the conservatory, allowing you to achieve a thermally insulated structure that can be used all year round. This type of construction requires a partition between the conservatory and the house, e.g. sliding or folding doors. The standard version of the conservatory is most often used as an additional meeting room, plant room or gym.


The second version is Standard+. The conservatories in this version have high thermal insulation thanks to triple glazing.In this case, a thermal barrier between the house and the garden is recommended. Standard+ is the solution for those who want to extend the living area of the house, which can become a dining room, a playroom or an ideal place to relax with your favourite book.


The Premium Conservatory is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. We use triple or even quadruple glazing and profiles with very high insulation parameters. It is the ideal system for extending a living room, dining room or office. Thanks to its high insulation performance, there is no need for a dividing door with the house. In this way we can achieve a large, open space. We will talk about doors and other conservatory accessories in a separate video. If you would you like to get a price on your conservatory, please, visit our configurator.

Doors / windows

Doors and windows for Conservatories

You can enhance your conservatory with HS sliding doors, the SLIDE model, or folding doors, to name but a few. The latter guarantee the greatest clearance. The PSK conservatory door, on the other hand, is a Tilt&Slide model fitted into the window frame. The tilt feature means they are a versatile solution, delivering a comfortable user experience.

Accessories for Conservatories

Extra accessories for Conservatories range from a roof awning, façade blinds, LED lighting, or a roof skylight, among others. The roof awning is one of the ways of protecting a room from overheating – something that is extremely crucial when the summer comes. Meanwhile, the skylight facilitates proper air circulation.